Frequently Asked Questions for Pastoral Planning


What is Set Ablaze?

Set Ablaze is a two-year comprehensive structural and pastoral planning process that will enable the Diocese of Sioux Falls to move from a position of slow decline to a position of growth—growth through missionary discipleship. The plan is developed to be our guide over the course of the next ten years.

Where is the location of St. John Paul II’s new church going to be?

At this time, no decision has been made on the location of the new church and we are open to wherever God might be leading us to build a church.

What is happening with the money raised for St. Mary’s New office/rectory?

All money that has been raised for the Capital Campaign at St. Mary's will be used for the building of the Rectory and Office at St. Mary's, along with improving St. Mary’s disability accessibility, completing deferred maintenance of the Church and School and increasing St. Mary’s endowments.

Are our Weekend Mass times going to change?

The weekend Mass times are not changing at this time. After the Pastoral Planning proposal has been approved by the Bishop, Mass times will be re-evaluated on a yearly basis in consultation with the Bishop.

Is our Parish going to close or be merged with another?

All three Parishes will continue to be individual parishes that are united under the vision of Pastorate 20. Our canonical and legal structures will all remain separate; however, we do wish to highlight that all three parishes will work together in order to advance the mission of the Church, which is the discipleship and evangelization of all peoples within our pastorate.

Will each parish continue to have daily Mass?

The daily Mass schedule will be reviewed and determined during the pastoral planning process. This process will examine how we can best facilitate access to the sacraments for all the people of God in our pastorate. For example, we may change a daily mass time that is simultaneous with another daily mass at a parish nearby to a time when others who don’t normally have access to the sacraments because of work or school could come to encounter Jesus in the Eucharist or confession.

Who do we contact to ask more questions about the process of Set Ablaze for our Pastorate?

You are free to contact Pastorate staff members and the pastoral planning committee members with questions that pertain to the planning process. If you would like to reach out to inquire about a question, please refer to the Question form located below and we will provide you with a response as soon as possible.

What will happen with our two schools during the Bishop O’Gorman Planning Process?

Bishop O’Gorman is conducting their own planning process called Anchored in Faith, which coincides with Set Ablaze. They will provide recommendations to the Pastorate as to how our schools will continue to operate.

Why can’t the priests just be assigned to one Parish and not rotate?

Due to the structure of Set Ablaze, we cannot assign 1 priest to each parish. Fr. Doty is required as a young priest to live with Fr. Paul in order to continue his formation in the priesthood. Fr. Mark is quickly approaching retirement and it would be unfair to any parish to give them a priest that can only minister to them for the next two years and then they have to start the process of getting to know a priest again. Fr. Paul desires as your pastor to not be away from each parish any more time than is necessary because each parish deserves the attention of the pastor. We believe that by rotating priests, each parish can benefit from the diverse skills, experiences, and perspectives of various clergy members, enhancing the overall quality of pastoral care.

How will the Pastoral Planning Committee let the rest of the Pastorate know what is up for debate?

The Pastorate will communicate all pertinent information to the parishioners during the pastoral planning process through emails and video messages from Fr. Paul. If you’d like to receive this information, please register at one of our three parishes, and if you have updated your email address, please inform your parish to receive the most current information.

Are we combining all of the financial resources of the Pastorate?

Due to Canon Law, financial resources are to remain separate for all three parishes. For pastorate expenses, the cost is divided between the three parishes in a proportionate manner. For example, any staff member who works for our entire pastorate is paid by all three parishes.

Why was JP2 linked with Holy Spirit parish originally and then switched to Christ the King and St. Mary?

After the original maps for the Pastorate model came out, the people of JP2 desired to see a change in the Pastorate they would be a part of. After the feedback to the Diocese, It was agreed that JP2 would join Pastorate 20 as a majority of the parishioners lived within the area of Pastorate 20 and not the previous Pastorate.

Who are the Pastoral Planning Committee Members?

John Kramer (Lay representative of CTK School)

James Carrell (Dir of Communication)

Julie Kolbeck (Principal CTK)

Nancy Werner (Dir of Discipleship & Evangelization)

Dcn Peter Cote (Clergy CTK)

Michelle Shields (Principal of St. Mary)

Fr Mark Lichter (Clergy)

Danny Kroeze (Parishioner CTK)

Jay Jorgenson (Parishioner JP2)

Amy Caba (Lay representative of STM School)

Fr. Paul Rutten (Clergy)

Cynthia Korman (Parishioner of JP2)

Fr. Jacob Doty (Clergy)

Deacon Glenn Ridder (Clergy STM)

Mike Ferrell (Parishioner of CTK)

Deacon James Boorman (Clergy CTK)

John Henkhaus (Parishioner STM)

Elizabeth Noonan (Parishioner STM)

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